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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Car Insurance South Korea

Cars in South Korea country weve little more than our country, Indonesia. But for about auto insurance law (vehicle insurance), South Korea implemented an iron hand rule. In Indonesia, we can choose to use the insurance or not - there is not coercion. Well - that in South Korea, for the car and motorcycle insurance was mandatory. Arguably the application of these rules is not much different from the United States. Insurance Regulations Car / Vehicle South Korea Here are some rules for vehicle insurance: south korea car insurance As per the law laid down by the South Korean government, the car there must have a minimum engine size of 50 cc. Cars and other vehicles under 50 cc will not be allowed to register vehicle insurance there. This rule also applies to foreigners who live there. Disediahkan insurance policy valid for 1 year period. The policy should be extended according to the date printed on each policy. For a car to be sold aka second car, the insurance policy must be transferred (converted) to the owner of the new car with the brackets a maximum of 2 weeks. Car owners are only allowed to use the insurance from an insurance company that weve accredited. 3 laws of most major auto insurance in the state of South Korea. According to one of the answers can be found on Yahoo Answers about South Korean car insurance is car insurance in South Korea weve similar premises that American car owners to have insurance so when they buy a car, they have to get insurance for the car. This answer is provided by Yahoo users who live in South Korea.